Basic Requirements

To successfully complete this course, students must have a well-functioning computer and Internet connection. Students should also have a backup plan in the event their primary computer is not available. It is recommend students have administrative rights to their primary computer to make changes such as updating a browser.

Browser Requirements

Students must use a supported browser and ensure their Java is up-to-date. Internet Explorer is NOT recommended when using Blackboard.

Additional Browser Requirements:

System Requirements

Students should verify their primary computers meet minimum system requirements to access UALR's Learning Management System. Students may also be required to complete activities and assignments using software outside of the course.

Visit BB Student Support to verify system requirements and download freely available software.
Recommended Technical Skills for Successful Completion of this Course

Students should know how to:

Additional Skills and Requirements:

Respondus Lockdown Browser Icon
This course may require the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLDB) for taking tests. Review the Blackboard Student Support site for information about downloading and using RLDB.
This course may employ the following Blackboard tools. Click on each to view a short video tutorial or help article.
Needed skill Discussion Board
Needed skill Email
Messages Icon Blackboard Tool
Blog Icon Blackboard Tool
Journal Icon Blackboard Tool
Wiki icon Blackboard Tool
Assignment Icon Blackboard Tool Assignments
SafeAssign Tool Icon SafeAssign