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STaR Resource Guide
Kaltura Media
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Kaltura Media is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to upload existing videos, or add recordings from a webcam or built-in screen recorder to Blackboard courses.

Additional features include:

      • Course Gallery - Course members can use the Course Gallery to browse, add and share videos.
      • My Media - The My Media page allows users to manage videos across courses.
      • Course Media Module - Instructors can feature videos on the course Home Page with the Course Media Module.
      • Assignment Upload - Students can use Kaltura to submit assignments without taking up space in the course.
      • Multiple Viewing Platforms - Videos added via Kaltura can be viewed on computers and mobile devices.

To learn more, browse the self-help resources below or sign-up for one of our training opportunities listed on the right. Contact the STaR Office if you need additional help.

Quick Start Guides (PDF) include step by step instructions with screenshots of common tasks.


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